Elevate Your Book Sales

Wouldn’t it be nice if you had an automatically generated and always up-to-date list of the most popular retail sites selling your books?  Libreli is the simple universal widget that does just that for free.

Meet Libreli

Libreli is a snippet of code that you can easily embed into your website to show your audience where they can buy your book – with one click. Always up to date. Made by and for authors like yourself.


Generate increased sales

Making it easy for your site visitors to buy the book from a retailer they trust creates instant sales

Automatically updates all stores

Only shows stores that are actually selling your book currently

Customize the look of your widget

With two color and three size options, we sure have a great looking widget for your site

Create trust by affiliation

By showing big-name retailers and known indie stores carrying your book you create trust in the quality of your books

Maximize Your Book Sales

Try it, it’s free.

Sites Readers Like to Buy From

Always up-to-date availability of your books from an ever expanding list of sites people trust and like to shop with.

Two Plans
Making it easy for you to start selling more, immediately


Just in case you think we read your mind, we getting these questions a lot

How Do I Install Libreli?

There is nothing to install.

Simply generate a widget using the generator at our builder page.

Add your email to receive the widget code.

Add the code to any page of your website.

How come it is free?

We sustain Libreli through affiliate links that we insert automatically on the free version.

I am no tech guy. How difficult is it to get Libreli onto my site?

Simply copy and paste the iframe you receive via e-mail into the code of your website and off you go!

Who is Libreli? Call me old-school, but I trust humans more than code.

So do we, even though we love code. Libreli consists of Fabian, an author of four bestselling books, who saw the need for a simple solution like Libreli for himself, and Lehel, a developer with ample experience in building complex web applications. The two joined forces to create Libreli to empower authors like you to generate more sales.

I want to use my own affiliate links on books. Will Libreli let me do this?

Glad you asked – and you will once we release a premium version that will allow you to do just that. First, start with the free version since we want to onboard a good amount of users first before we start offering more exciting features like the one you asked for.

I installed Libreli, but I don't see a specific store that I know is currently selling my book online. Why?

To limit the list of stores users have to scroll through, we have to focus on some of the biggest online retail brands as well as some well-known indie stores. We are continuously re-evaluating and expanding upon this list though. Please contact us with any suggestions of stores you’d like us to add next.

We are a company. Can we also use Libreli to assist in our sales?

Absolutely. Please contact us at info@libreli.com and we can provide additional information based on your specific needs.